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MSSA 2019 Cups Summary

2019 Cup Teams

The Stewart Cup along with the Maryland Over-30 and Maryland Over-40 Cups qualify the Maryland champion for the USASA Region I qualifiers. The Stewart winner will compete for the Amateur Cup for the Fritz Marth Trophy, the O-30 champion will advance to the Gerhard Mengel Cup, the National Over-30 Championship, while the O-40 qualifies for the National Over-40 Cup. The Morton Cup is a state only competition that is open to non-MSSA affiliated teams. 

Morton Cup Registration 30/40 Cup Registration
  1. Academy FC
  2. Baltimore United FC
  3. Christos FC
  4. Columbia FC
  5. Fighting B.O.B.s
  6. Izee Auto FC
  7. JA Raiders
  8. Motorik FC Alexandria
  9. Starliners FC
  10. World Class Premier Elite
  11. Yinz United
  1. Baltimore Kickers
  2. Banfield
  3. Blue Side FC
  4. Colombia FC
  5. DC Flames
  6. Ferro Carril Oeste
  7. Fortitude FC
  8. Old Baltimore Footballers
  9. Steel Pulse FC
  10. The Referees

  1. Baltimore Kickers (O30 & O40)
  2. Christos FC (O30 & O40)
  3. Colombia FC (O30)
  4. Mando Ramos (O40)
  5. Maryland Bays (O30)

The Rowland Cup this season will be a state championship among our three MSSA affiliated leagues. Each league selected the teams that will participate for the competition. The winner will advance to the USASA Region I qualifier for the Werner Fricker Cup, the Amateur Open Championship. Below are the teams selected. 

Maryland Major Soccer League

  1. Christos FC
  2. World Class Premier
  3. Academy FC
  4. Izee Auto FC
  5. JA Raiders FC
  6. Steel Pulse FC
  7. Columbia FC
  8. Baltimore Kickers

Mason-Dixon Soccer League

  1. Blue Side FC

Washington Premier League

  1. Yinz United
  2. Fighting B.O.B.s
  3. Capital City
  4. Starliners FC
  5. Aegean Hawks FC

Cups Draw Set
Morton Cup Kicks Off 6 January

Dates, times & field locations still need to be determined. (18 December) We are set to start the 2019 Cup Season. There are 14 teams playing for the Rowland Cup, Maryland's open competition, 11 battling for the Stewart Cup, Maryland's amateur competition, 10 sides taking place in the Morton Cup, 4 competing in the Maryland Over-30 Cup and 3 for the Maryland Over-40 Cup. We kick off in January and look to conclude by March with Region I matches slated for April. Go to the tabs above for the cup schedules.

Match Day One - Morton Cup
New Year, New Cup Season

Maryland to hold five cup competitions. (3 January) The Morton Cup kicks off the new cup season this Sunday with four games slated for Match Day 1 at Blandair Park. We have a cross league round featuring Maryland Major Division 2 champion Steel Pulse FC taking on the Mason-Dixon Soccer double winner Blue Side FC. The other 11:00 match sees Colombia FC challenged by The Referees. The 1:00 contests will have Old Baltimore Footballers against Banfield with the Baltimore Kickers facing DC Flame.

Match Day 2 will be played the following Sunday and the first round of the Rowland Cup (Maryland's open championship) starts on 20 January. In February we begin the Stewart Cup, Maryland's amateur competition, followed by the Maryland Over-30 Cup and the Maryland Over-40 Cup. Four of our cup winners advance to Region I qualifiers.

Off to a Good Start
Match Day 1 Complete

Morton Cup gets all four games to start the cup season. (7 January) The weather was very good on this early Sunday in January as our schedule in the Morton Cup went off without a hitch. In Group A, Blue Side FC and Banfield take the early lead in the standings with 1:0 shutout by Blue Side over Steel Pulse FC while Banfield edged Old Balimore Footballers 2:1. Colombia FC defeated The Referees 3:0 to share the top of the Group B chart with the Baltimore Kickers, 3:1 victors over DC Flames.

Next Sunday will be Match Day 2 with a doubleheader at Blandair Park featuring a Maryland Major derby between Steel Pulse FC and Old Baltimore Footballers at 11:00 followed by Fortitude FC making its cup debut against Blue Side FC. Our other two games will be at Martin Luther King Park in Silver Spring with the 11:00 fixture showing Colombia FC against Ferro Carril Oeste and then The Referees playing the Baltimore Kickers in the second leg.

We start the Rowland Cup, the open championship for Maryland, the third Sunday of the month along with Match Day 3 of the Morton Cup.




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