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MSSA 2019 Cups Summary

2019 Cup Teams

The Stewart Cup along with the Maryland Over-30 and Maryland Over-40 Cups qualify the Maryland champion for the USASA Region I qualifiers. The Stewart winner will compete for the Amateur Cup for the Fritz Marth Trophy, the O-30 champion will advance to the Gerhard Mengel Cup, the National Over-30 Championship, while the O-40 qualifies for the National Over-40 Cup. The Morton Cup is a state only competition that is open to non-MSSA affiliated teams. 

Morton Cup Registration 30/40 Cup Registration
  1. Academy FC
  2. Baltimore United FC
  3. Christos FC
  4. Columbia FC
  5. Fighting B.O.B.s
  6. Izee Auto FC
  7. JA Raiders
  8. Motorik FC Alexandria
  9. Starliners FC
  10. World Class Premier Elite
  11. Yinz United
  1. Baltimore Kickers
  2. Banfield
  3. Blue Side FC
  4. Colombia FC
  5. DC Flames
  6. Ferro Carril Oeste
  7. Fortitude FC
  8. Old Baltimore Footballers
  9. Steel Pulse FC
  10. The Referees

  1. Baltimore Kickers (O30 & O40)
  2. Christos FC (O30 & O40)
  3. Colombia FC (O30)
  4. Mando Ramos (O40)
  5. Maryland Bays (O30)

The Rowland Cup this season will be a state championship among our three MSSA affiliated leagues. Each league selected the teams that will participate for the competition. The winner will advance to the USASA Region I qualifier for the Werner Fricker Cup, the Amateur Open Championship. Below are the teams selected. 

Maryland Major Soccer League

  1. Christos FC
  2. World Class Premier
  3. Academy FC
  4. Izee Auto FC
  5. JA Raiders FC
  6. Steel Pulse FC
  7. Columbia FC
  8. Baltimore Kickers

Mason-Dixon Soccer League

  1. Blue Side FC

Washington Premier League

  1. Yinz United
  2. Fighting B.O.B.s
  3. Capital City
  4. Starliners FC
  5. Aegean Hawks FC

Cups Draw Set
Morton Cup Kicks Off 6 January

Dates, times & field locations still need to be determined. (18 December) We are set to start the 2019 Cup Season. There are 14 teams playing for the Rowland Cup, Maryland's open competition, 11 battling for the Stewart Cup, Maryland's amateur competition, 10 sides taking place in the Morton Cup, 4 competing in the Maryland Over-30 Cup and 3 for the Maryland Over-40 Cup. We kick off in January and look to conclude by March with Region I matches slated for April. Go to the tabs above for the cup schedules.

Match Day One - Morton Cup
New Year, New Cup Season

Maryland to hold five cup competitions. (3 January) The Morton Cup kicks off the new cup season this Sunday with four games slated for Match Day 1 at Blandair Park. We have a cross league round featuring Maryland Major Division 2 champion Steel Pulse FC taking on the Mason-Dixon Soccer double winner Blue Side FC. The other 11:00 match sees Colombia FC challenged by The Referees. The 1:00 contests will have Old Baltimore Footballers against Banfield with the Baltimore Kickers facing DC Flame.

Match Day 2 will be played the following Sunday and the first round of the Rowland Cup (Maryland's open championship) starts on 20 January. In February we begin the Stewart Cup, Maryland's amateur competition, followed by the Maryland Over-30 Cup and the Maryland Over-40 Cup. Four of our cup winners advance to Region I qualifiers.

Off to a Good Start
Match Day 1 Complete

Morton Cup gets all four games to start the cup season. (7 January) The weather was very good on this early Sunday in January as our schedule in the Morton Cup went off without a hitch. In Group A, Blue Side FC and Banfield take the early lead in the standings with 1:0 shutout by Blue Side over Steel Pulse FC while Banfield edged Old Balimore Footballers 2:1. Colombia FC defeated The Referees 3:0 to share the top of the Group B chart with the Baltimore Kickers, 3:1 victors over DC Flames.

Next Sunday will be Match Day 2 with a doubleheader at Blandair Park featuring a Maryland Major derby between Steel Pulse FC and Old Baltimore Footballers at 11:00 followed by Fortitude FC making its cup debut against Blue Side FC. Our other two games will be at Martin Luther King Park in Silver Spring with the 11:00 fixture showing Colombia FC against Ferro Carril Oeste and then The Referees playing the Baltimore Kickers in the second leg.

We start the Rowland Cup, the open championship for Maryland, the third Sunday of the month along with Match Day 3 of the Morton Cup.

Snow Slows Us Down
Match Day 2 Moved Back

This weekend looks iffy as well. (18 January) The snow storm last weekend hit us good and there is still snow on the ground as this gets posted. Hope is that rain will clear the pitches. We will play it by ear and check the conditions throughout the weekend. Any update will be posted here.

Match Day 2 fixture for the Morton Cup has been moved to 10 February. We will try to stick with the schedule as was set, moving postponed games to the end of the cycle.

If all goes well, we get the Rowland Cup, the open championship for Maryland, started this weekend. For the Morton Cup, we move into Match Day 3.

Back on Track
It Got Cold & Windy But Games Were Played

Another round of Rowland & Morton Cups matches this weekend. (22 January) The overnight rain & warmth melted the snow away, allowing us to get our fixtures played. But as they day went on, it got very windy & cold. Yet, we were able to complete our schedule of matches.

We got half of the first round games of the Rowland Cup started. Starliners FC edged Columbia FC 2:1 to set up a quarterfinal date against cup holder Christos FC. The other contest in that bracket saw Steel Pulse shutout Fighting B.O.B.s 1:0. They await the winner between Capital City and JA Raiders FC that will be played this Sunday. The third match featured the Baltimore Kickers with a 1:0 victory over Izee Auto FC. That earned them a quaterfinal round against Washington Premier League champion Yinz United. The other two slated for this Sunday at Blandair Park will see Academy FC against Mason-Dixon champ Blue Side FC while World Class Premier Elite takes on the Aegean Hawks FC. The Rowland Cup this season is a competition among our three leagues with the winner advancing to the Region I qualifier for the Werner Fricker Cup.

Match Day 3 of the Morton Cup was completed with Banfield holding the Group A lead after a 9:2 trumping over Fortitude FC along with Blue Side FC, who defeated Old Baltimore Footballers 2:1. The two teams have earned the maximum 6 points. Group B is lead by Colombia FC, a 4:1 victor over DC Flames. Ferro Carill Oeste made good on its cup debut shutting down The Referees 1:0. We go into Match Day 4 this Sunday, scheduled at Blandair Park and Martin Luther King Park.

After this weekend, we kick off the Stewart Cup to determine who qualifies for the Amateur Cup.

Quarterfinals Set
Rowland First Round Completed

Match Day 4 of Morton Cup on records book. (27 January) The cup schedule is rolling along as we have all of our first round Rowland Cup games played. This season, the Maryland Open Championship is set among the top sides of our three leagues (Maryland Major, Washington Premier & Mason-Dixon). Capital City, Blue Side FC & the Aegean Hawks FC advance to the quarterfinals.

Capital City shutout JA Raiders FC 3:0 to set up it next match against Steel Pulse. Blue Side FC out scored Academy FC 5:2 and will match up against Aegean Hawks FC who defeated World Class Premier Elite 2:1. The other quarterfinal slots have cup holder Christos FC against Starliners FC and Washington Premier League champion Yinz United playing Baltimore Kickers FC. The quarterfinals are slated for 10 February at Blandair Park. The Rowland Cup winner advances to the Region I qualifier for the Werner Fricker Cup.

The Morton Cup is past the half way point in group play. Banfield was handed its first loss with Steel Pulse on the winning side of a 5:1 result. Old Baltimore Footballers blanked Fortitude FC 3:0 in the other Group A fixture. Group B play saw the Baltimore Kickers edge Colombia FC 2:1 while DC Flames and Ferro Carill Oeste finished in a scoreless draw. Blandair Park and Martin Luther King Park are the sites for the Match Day 5 schedule.

We now add the Stewart Cup into the mix, Maryland's Amateur competition. First round action has Academy facing Motorik FC Alexandria, Izee Auto FC versus Columbia FC and Fighting B.O.B.s squaring off against Baltimore United. All three matches will be at Blandair Park with the cup winner moving through to the Amateur Cup.

Missed Opportunity
Morning Ice Cancels Cup Rounds

Schedules pretty much pushed over a week. (4 February) After a polar vortex that brought some record cold temperatures throughout the nation, it was a very pleasant in the 50's yesterday. The problem was that icy fields early in the morning called for shutdown. So we were not able to get any of our cup matches played.

So we get back into the saddle next week and launch the Stewart Cup, Maryland's Amateur competition. Blandair Park will host the first round action with Academy meeting Motorik FC Alexandria, Izee Auto FC taking on Columbia FC and Fighting B.O.B.s facing off against Baltimore United FC.

The Morton Cup will get in Match Day 5 played with Ferro Carill Oeste squaring off against the Balitmore Kickers and DC Flames versus The Referees at Blandair Park. Over at Martin Luther King Park, the first match features Blue Side FC and Banfield with the second game showing Fortitude FC and Steel Pulse FC. We still have Match Day 2 to make up, which will take place over the following two weeks.

Stewart on the Books
Morton Down to Last Match Day

Rowland quarterfinals next on our plate. (11 February) The Stewart Cup finally got off the ground after a week delay. This is Maryland's amateur competition established in 1932 with the winner advancing to the Region I qualifier of the Amateur Cup. Academy FC ruined the cup debut of Motorik FC Alexandria with a 1:0 shutout. Izee Auto FC defeated Columbia FC 3:1 while Fighting B.O.B.s played a man short but were able to eliminate Baltimore United FC 4:0. The quarterfinals are set for 24 February.

Although it was the final match day scheduled for the Morton Cup, we still have Match Day 2 to make up. Blue Side FC and the Baltimore Kickers locked a place in the semifinals as they top their respective groups. Blue Side leads Group A after a 7:1 thumping of Banfield. The Kickers blanked Ferro Carill Oeste 2:0 and sit in first with 9 points in Group B. DC Flames won 4:2 against The Referees while Fortitude FC took a beating by Steel Pulse FC, losing 10:0. We have one match this weekend with Colombia FC and Ferro Carill Oeste to determine who will take the second Group B playoff spot. The other Match Day 2 games will be played on 24 February.

This year's Rowland Cup is a championship featuring all three of our MSSA leagues. The winner moves onto the Werner Fricker Cup in the Region I qualifiers. Cup holder Christos FC takes on Starliners FC, Steel Pulse FC matches up against Capital City, the Aegean Hawks FC face Mason-Dixon's Blue Side FC and WPL champion Yinz United hook up against the Baltimore Kickers. All four contests will be played at Blandair Park in Columbia.

Final Four Set for Rowland Cup
Morton Has 3 Out of 4 Figured Out

Stewart Cup quarterfinals next in order. (18 February) We are on a good pattern as we have our first semifinals ready to go in the Rowland Cup and need to determine the fourth side for the Morton.

Christos FC has a three year run on the Rowland Cup and they took a step closer to making it four after beating Starliners FC 4:1. Pete Caringi, Brian Graham & Cody Albrecht tallied for Christos. Their semifinal opponent will be Steel Pulse FC who also won 4:1 against Capital City. The other semifinals feature Blue Side FC, 3:1 victors over the Aegean Hawks FC and Yinz United who defeated the Baltimore Kickers 6:0. These four will gather on 3 March at Montgomery Blair HS. The winner of the Rowland Cup advances to the Region I qualifier for the Werner Fricker Cup.

We were only able to squeeze in one match for the Morton Cup make up of Match Day 2 as some teams were playing in the Rowland Cup. Colombia FC locked up second in Group B edging Ferro Carill Oeste 3:2. That places them against Blue Side FC in the semifinals. The Baltimore Kickers await for the other semfinalists as there is the possibility of a three team deadlock for second in Group A. The final group matches will be played this Sunday at Blandair Park.

The Stewart Cup will get to its final four pairing this weekend. Two of the quarterfinals will be at Blandair Park, the other two at Montgomary Blair HS. Winning this prestigious cup forwards the winner to the Amateur Cup.

MSSA March Madness
Final Four in All Cups

Rowland Cup features four league champions in its semifinals. (25 February) It is always hit or miss during our cup season as we do not know what kind of weather we will get from week to week in this Mid-Atlantic atmosphere. But we survived through January & February and usher into March at the semifinal stage for the Rowland, Stewart & Morton Cups.

The Stewart Cup is Maryland's amateur championship with the winner advancing to the Region I qualifier for the Amateur Cup. Current holder Christos FC had an easy round eliminating Academy FC 8:0. Their semifinal opponent Starliners FC put away JA Raiders FC in a 6:0 shutout. The other side of the bracket went into extra time in both matches. After a 1:1 draw, Izee Auto FC scored twice to defeat Yinz United 3:1. World Class Premier Elite and Fighting B.O.B.s finished at 2:2 in regular time. World Class got the edge in the 118th minute to advance with a 3:2 victory. The semifinals are set for 10 March at Montgomery Blair HS.

We wrapped up the group stage of the Morton Cup as we got the last three Match Day 2 fixtures played. Blue Side FC completed an undefeated run with a 5:0 win over Fortitude FC to top Group A. Steel Pulse FC secured the second spot with a 7:0 scrubbing of Old Baltimore Footballers. The Baltimore Kickers kept a clean mark leading Group B with a 2:0 shutout of The Referees. Colombia FC finished second in the Group B to set a date against Blue Side in the semifinal. This final four will also take place on 10 March at Oakland Mills HS.

This year we tweaked the format of the Rowland Cup, Maryland's oldest competition established in 1914 to determine the state's open champion. Whereas in the past, teams entered the tournament, this time our leagues selected their top clubs who were then invited to take part to determine a champion among our leagues. In an interesting twist, the four remaining squads are all champions of the past fall season. The first semifinal features a Maryland Major derby with defending cup champion and the winner of first division Christos FC against the second division titlist Steel Pulse FC. That match will be at 11:00 followed by two teams that took their league doubles. Yinz United, regular season and Helge Boes Cup winner of the Washington Premier League, will face the Mason-Dixon Cup and Slick Cup winner Blue Side FC. Come out to Montgomery Blair HS Sunday for this champions fest.

Rowland Final Set
Christos & Yinz to Determine Open Champion

Izee Auto claims spot in Stewart Cup final. (4 March) That damn groundhog promised us an early spring and despite his erroneous forecast, we still got a number of semifinals played in yesterday's less than ideal weather. Christos FC and Yinz United will meet in the final of the Rowland Cup while Izee Auto FC waits to see who it will play for the Stewart Cup.

The semifinals of the Rowland Cup featured the four champions of the fall season. The first match was a Maryland Major derby as Christos FC, the first division champion, defeated the second division winner, Steel Pulse FC 4:3 in extra time. Cup holder Christos will look to defend the title against Yinz United of the Washington Premier League who edged Mason-Dixon's Blue Side FC 2:1. The Rowland Cup, established in 1914, is Maryland's oldest competition that determines the state's open champion and who will move forward to play the Region I qualifiers of the Werner Fricker Cup of which Christos won last summer. The final is set for 31 March.

We played one of the semfinal matches of the Stewart Cup, Maryland's amateur championship. Izee Auto FC and World Class Premier Elite finished at a 2:2 draw through extra time. Izee advanced to the title match outkicking World Class 4:3 in penalty rounds. They await the winner between Christos and Starliners FC who will meet Sunday at Montgomery Blair High School.

The Morton Cup semifinals will be played Sunday with Blue Side FC hosting Colombia FC at Montgomery Blair and the Baltimore Kickers facing Steel Pulse FC at Oakland Mills High School. These four sides were the top two in their respective groups and the final is scheduled for 17 March.

Stewart ReplaySet
Christos & Izee Return to Last Season's Final

Baltimore Kickers & Colombia FC to meet in Morton Cup final. (13 March) After two months of cup play, we have three finals set to take us to the end of March. The first championship will be the Morton Cup where the Baltimore Kickers will face Colombia FC this Sunday at Laytonia Recreational Park in Gaithersburg. The Kickers shut out Maryland Major rival Steel Pulse FC 2:0. Colombia upended Blue Side FC 3:0 to reach its first Maryland title match. It will kick off at 11:00.

Last Sunday, Izee Auto FC locked up a spot in the final of the Stewart Cup, Maryland's amateur championship. Christos FC and Starliners FC were looking to get the other slot with Christos running away with a 4:0 victory. This will be a repeat of last season's Stewart championship that Christos won 3:2. The two shall meet on 24 March at Laytonia Recreational Park with the winner advancing to the Amateur Cup qualifiers.

Christos will look to defend the Rowland Cup on 31 March when they take on Yinz United. Last summer this competition took Christos to the Werner Fricker Cup and another national title.

We wrap up the 2019 cup season in April with the Maryland Over-30 and Over-40 Cups.




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