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MSSA 2022 Cups Summary

Team Registration for 2022 Cup Teams

The Rowland & Stewart Cups along with the Maryland Over-30 & Over-40 Cups qualify the Maryland champion for the USASA Region I qualifiers. The Stewart winner will compete for the Amateur Cup for the Fritz Marth Trophy, the Rowland qualifies for the Werner Fricker Cup, the Amateur Open Championship, the O-30 champion will advance to the Gerhard Mengel Cup, the National Over-30 Championship, while the O-40 send the winner to the National Over-40 Cup. The Morton Cup is a state only competition that is also open to non-MSSA affiliated teams. 

Morton Cup Registration

Rowland Cup

  1. All Stars United
  2. Christos FC
  3. Columbia FC
  4. Dream FC
  5. FC 4188
  6. FC Inter Atlantic
  7. MOCO 1776 FC
  8. Starliners FC
  9. Steel Pulse FC
  10. Yinz United

Stewart Cup

  1. All Stars United
  2. Cheverly FC
  3. Christos FC
  4. Columbia FC
  5. Dream FC
  6. FC 1749
  7. FC 4188
  8. FC Inter Atlantic
  9. K Crew
  10. MOCO 1776 FC
  11. Olympiacos DC
  12. Steel Pulse FC
  13. Sure Sports FC
  14. Yinz United

Morton Cup

  1. ACFC
  2. Baltimore Kickers
  3. Columbia FC II
  4. Das Bierhalle FC
  5. DC Flames
  6. Frederick Spires FC
  7. Greenbelt FC
  8. JA Raiders
  9. NPC Futbol
  10. Q's Quest
  11. Spires FC
  12. Steel Pulse FC II

30/40 Cup Registration

Over-30 Cup

  1. Baltimore Kickers
  2. Christos FC
  3. Das Bierhalle FC
  4. DC Flames
  5. Fighting Bobs/Yinz Legends O30

Over-40 Cup

  1. Baltimore Kickers
  2. Christos FC

2022 Cups
Registration Open to 16 December

MSSA to conduct five competitions. (9 November) Registration for the 2022 cup season is now open for the Rowland, Stewart, Morton, and the Maryland Over-30 & Over-40 Cups. The season kicks off in January and will run through March.

USASA Region I qualifiers await the winners of several of our competitions. The Stewart Cup champion advances to US Amateur Cup. UPSL & NPSL affiliated Maryland teams are eligible to enter the Stewart Cup but must register all of their players with MSSA prior to taking part in the competition. The Werner Fricker Cup, the National Amateur Open Championship, will receive the Rowland Cup winner. Our Maryland O-30 titleist will compete for the Gerhard Mengel Cup while the O-40 champ in the National Over-40 Cup. The Morton Cup is a state only competition and is not open to teams or players taking part in the Rowland and Stewart Cups. Teams playing in non-affiliated leagues are eligible for the Morton, Over-30 & Over-40 Cups but must register all of their players prior to taking part in the competition. A draw will be held for all of our cups.

Teams must enter online through the links below. The deadline to enter the cups is 16 December 2021. The entry fee is $105 per cup (convenience fee included) and must be paid online. Referee fees for the cups are $210 ($105 per team) and paid at the field by each team.

Matches will be played primarily on Sundays. We will start in January and look to conclude by the end of March.

2022 Cup Season Set
Draw Next Week

Record number sides taking part this season. (17 December) Registration for the 2022 cup season is now complete with 43 teams competing for our five competitions. Our oldest championship, the Rowland Cup, will have 10 sides that will be divided into two groups. We have the same number battling for the Morton Cup that will be played in the same format. The winner of the Rowland will advance to the Region I qualifiers for the Werner Fricker Cup, the Amateur Open champtionship. Our Amateur Cup entry will come from among the Stewart Cup that features 14 clubs. The Maryland O-30 & O-40 Cups will be used to qualify for Region I action as well. A list of all of the entries can be seen below. Once the draws are concluded, the schedules will be posted at the tabs above. The season kicks off in January and will run through March.

Schedules Posted
Rowland & Morton Kick Off 9 January

Stewart Cup starts its rounds in February. (23 December) The 2022 MSSA Cup season is just around the corner as we will hit the pitch the week after the turn of the New Year. Total of 43 sides will be competing for 5 titles. It all starts with the Rowland and Morton Cups on 9 January. The schedules are posted on the tabs above.

The Rowland Cup is the granddaddy of our competitions, established in 1914 to send a Maryland club to the National Challenge Cup (which became the US Open Cup). It is the state's Open championship with the winner advancing to the Region I qualifiers for the Werner Fricker Cup, the Amateur Open champtionship.

The Morton Cup is a state only competition, the winner not advancing to any Regin I qualifier. It was created in 2013 to recognize the efforts of former MSSA Vice President, Lefty Morton, who left an imprint on the Maryland soccer scene. The teams who play for this title are not eligible to compete for either the Rowland or Stewart Cups.

Both cups will be played in group formats with the top two in each bracket advancing to the semifinals. Matches will be played at various fields in Howard County during March. A tab for Field Directions can be found above. If we get good cooperation from the weather, we should conclude the cup season by the end of March.

Match Day 1 Snowed Out
Rowland & Morton Cups Delayed One Week

Schedules to be reviewed and revised. (7 January) The mild December temperatures gave way to a cold front with heavy snow precipitation this past week. The fields are not playable for this weekend, so the fixtures will be moved to another date. The forecast is looking positive for next week, so cross our fingers and hopefully we get Match Day 2 on the books.

Schedules Adjusted
Match Day Moved Around

Hope to get matches played before the storm hits the area. (15 January) Some games have been moved up an hour with the thought that we avoid the snow storm to hit the aea. For some teams, it involves a venue change. Go to the cup schedule to review the changes.

Match Day Complete
Scheduled Played Despite Snow

Full rounds completed in both cups. (17 January) It was not the most pleasant of days but we did get the cup season off the ground. Rowland holder Columbia FC took a strong start defending its title with a 9:1 trashing of Starliners FC. Yinz United also saw a strong finish with a 4:1 defeat of MOCO 1776 FC. The other two results include All Stars United 2:1 over FC Inter Atlantic and FC 1448 shutting down Dream FC 2:0.

The Morton Cup featured Das Bierhalle FC with a 6:0 thumping of Q's Quest, ACFC with a 3:2 win over Columbia FC II, Frederick Spires FC edging the Balitmore Kickers 2:1, JA Raiders over Spires FC 3:0, NPC Futbol defeating Greenbelt FC 3:0 and Steel Pulse II with a 2:1 finish over DC Flames.

Next round is Sunday and we hope to have better weather conditions.

Schedules Updated
Weather Throwing Us Off

Look to get back on track this weekend. (4 February) Apologies for getting the web site updated but our web master was ill and unable to update the site. The revised schedules for the Rowland and Morton Cups are posted although the matches postponed from 30 January have yet to be rescheduled.

Weather wise, it looks to be dry this weekend although a bit on the cold side. We are expected to play.

Good Weekend
Two Rounds Left to Go

We are past the halfway point for the Rowland & Morton. (7 February) After several weeks of weather disturbance, it was good to get full round of matches in decent conditions. In the Rowland Cup, Steel Pulse FC shut out Columbia FC 2:0 to take the co-lead of Group A with FC 4188. The two will meet each other next weekend. In Group B, Christos FC defeated MOCO 1776 FC 2:0 while Yinz United edged FC Inter Atlantic 2:1 as the two lead their standings. All Stars United is sitting in third and will meet both sides in the next two rounds..

In the Morton Cup, Das Bierhalle FC and ACFC have taken a commanding lead of their Group A. Das Bierhalle with a close 2:1 victory over Columbia FC II while ACFC shut down Frederick Spires FC 3:0. Group B is a bit tighter with Steel Pulse FC II and DC Flames leading with 6 points each. The Flames moved up by beating Spires FC 6:3.

We return to Match Day 1 this weekend that was postponed by the snow storm that hit us at the start of the year. Match Day 4 matches that were called off on 30 January have yet to be rescheduled. Once we make field arrangements, we will post that fixture.

No Go
Snowed Out

Our Rowland & Morton Cup matches for today postponed. (13 February) Bit frustrating as we had some perfect weather the last few days to get this cold front on match day with snow. Our cup commissioner with work on the schedule and we will get today's matches played at a later date.

Morton: One Round Left
Stewart Cup Quarters Set

Morton has 3 semifinalists set for next month. (21 February) After a few delays here and there, we are progressing through our cup season. One round is left in the Morton Cup and we got the first round off in the Stewart Cup. With spring around the corner, we hope for smooth sailing for the remainder of the schedule.

The Stewart Cup is our second oldest competition, established in 1932, with the winner advancing to USASA Region I qualifiers for the Amateur Cup. Six first round matches took place with three of them going to penalty rounds to determine who advanced to the quarterfinals. Sure Sport FC set up a date against defending champion Christos FC after advancing past K Crew 4:3 in penalties after a nil-nil draw. On the other half of the bracket, FC 1749 and Columbia FC will meet after shutting down their opponents. FC Inter Atlantic tied FC 4188 1:1 but go through to meet All Stars United with a 7:6 penalty win. Steel Pulse FC and Olympiacos DC played it even, 2:2, with Olympiacos going forward 3:2 on penalties. They will face MOCO 1776 FC who defeated Cheverly FC 1:0. The quarterfinals will be played next Sunday at Blandair Park and Millford Mills Academy.

In the Morton Cup, we have one slot to be determined among the semifinalists that will take place on 6 March. The final match day will determine the opponent for Group B winner Steel Pulse FC II. The key match is between the Baltimore Kickers and ACFC but there is also the Frederick Spires FC in the mix, who are scheduled against Group A winner Das Bierhalle. A win or a draw by ACFC sends them through. There is the possiblity of a three-way tie among those teams. DC Flames have sealed the second slot in Group B and have a date in the semifinal against Das Bierhalle. The last round takes place this Sunday at Cedar Lane Park, Blandair Park and Millford Mill Academy.

We had one Rowland Cup match that took place, Christos defeating All Stars United 4:1 to clinch the top spot in Group B. Sunday, Steel Pulse hosts FC 4188 as we try to make up some lost matches due to weather postponements. The next full round will be played on 6 March.

Semifinals Set for Stewart & Morton
Rowland with Last Match Day

We head into March getting into the stretch. (28 February) It all started in January, albeit with a weather delay the first week among others but we are down to the semifinal stages as we head into March. Our champions will be crowned in time for Region I qualifiers. We expect no more bumps for the remainder of the schedule.

Three of the final four are set for the Stewart Cup, our Amateur Championship. Holders Christos FC took care of Sure Sport FC 4:1 and will meet FC 1749 who edged Columbia FC 1:0. will meet after shutting down their opponents. Olympiacos DC defeated MOCO 1776 FC 4:2 and await the replay between All Stars United and FC Inter Atlantic, which will be played 9 March. The semifinals will be played 13 March.

Sunday the semifinals of the Morton Cup take place with Group A winner Das Bierhalle hosting Group B runner-up DC Flames at Montgmory Blair High School at 4:00. In the other round, the Baltimore Kickers earned the Group A runner-up after shutting out ACFC 2:00 for a date against Group B winner Steel Pulse FC II. That match is scheduled at Millford Mills Academy at 3:00. The final is set for 13 March.

The lone Rowland Cup saw Steel Pulse FC handle FC 4188 5:0 to increase their foothold as Group A leader. Christos FC has clinched Group B and the other three slots will be determined Sunday.

Morton Final
Steel Pulse & Das Bierhalle Vie for Title

Stewart semifinals to be settled on Sunday. (7 March) We began with twelve and now it is down to two. After five rounds of group play and semifinals, Steel Pulse FC II and Das Bierhalle FC have earned their way to the 10th title of the Morton Cup. The competition was created to honor former MSSA Vice President Darwin "Lefty" Morton who for years could be found on the touchlines of the various Maryland cup competitions. This Cup is for teams that are not enter in either the Rowland or Stewart Cup and it a state championship only.

The two finalists won their respective groups and on Sunday shutout their semifinal opponents. Steel Pulse blanked DC Flames 4:0 while Das Bierhalle took care of matters with a 2:0 victory over the Baltimore Kickers. The final will be played Sunday at Montgmory Blair High School at 4:00.

We settled on final group match in the Rowland Cup. All Stars United defeated Yinz United 4:2 to take the last slot in the semifinals. They will face Group A winner Steel Pulse FC with Group B winner Christos FC hosting FC 4188. Those matches are scheduled for 23 March and the final on the 27th.

The Stewart Cup had one quarterfinal left, played Wednesday between All Stars United and FC Inter Atlantic. Inter won 3:1 to advance to the semifinals to meet Olympiacos DC. The other semi features holders Christos FC against FC 1749. It starts at noon on Sunday at Montgomery Blair High School.

Weather Cancels Us Out
Stewart Semi's Moved to Sunday

Morton final to be rescheduled. (14 March) Winter made its last call, at least we hope. Frozen conditions made the pitch unplayable resulting in postponing the Morton Cup final and the semifinal of the Stewart Cup. The Morton championship will be rescheduled at a date to be determined.

The Stewart Cup semifinals are moved to Sunday. The first will feature holders Christos FC against FC 1749 with the other leg Olympiacos DC against FC Inter Atlantic. It starts at 1:00 at Millford Mill Academy.

We kick off the Maryland Over-30 Cup with two matches. A quarterfinal match between DC Flames and Das Bierhalle FC. The winner will meet Christos FC in the semifinal. The other contest involves a semifinal round with Fighting BOBs-Yinz Legends O30 challenging the Baltimore Kickers. Both games will be played at Laytonia Recreational Center starting at 1:00.

Christos & Olympiacos for the Final
Two Handily Win Stewart Semi's

Rowland semifinals on Wednesday, final on Sunday. (21 March) We have our first entry into the USASA Region I cups with Christos FC representing Maryland in the Amateur Cup. By the end of the week, we will find out if they make it a doube to enter the Werner Fricker Cup or if we will have someone else take that spot as we complete the Rowland Cup.

In two unexpected lopsided semifinals that ended with 5:0 results, Christos took care of FC 1749 while Olympiacos DC finished the day against FC Inter Atlantic. The two will meet for the Stewart Cup championship on 30 March at Troy Park. Christos advances to the Region I Amateur Cup as Olympiacos is unable to qualify due to UPSL leaving USASA. Christos will host West Chester United of Eastern Pennsylvania on 3 April.

In the Maryland Over-30 Cup, Fighting BOBs-Yinz Legends O30 booked a spot in the final with a 3:0 shutout of the Baltimore Kickers. Former DC United player/coach Ben Olsen contributed a goal and an assist to their cause. They will meet the winner between Christos FC and Das Bierhalle FC, 6:3 winner over DC Flames in the quarterfinal match. This second semifinal will be played Sunday, 2:00 at Laytonia Recreational Center. The final will take place 3 April.

This week we wrap up the Rowland Cup with the semifinals Wednesday evening at Troy Park. One match features Steel Pulse FC against All Stars United while Christos FC will be challenged by FC 4188. The final wil be at noon on Sunday at Laytonia. The Rowland Cup is Maryland's oldest competition, established in 1914 with the winner representing the state in the Werner Fricker Cup.

The last of our tournaments sets off Sunday evening as the Baltimore Kickers host Halcones FC in the Maryland Over-40 Cup. That will be played at Rockburn Park, 6:00 with the winner meeting Christos in the final.

Christos Retake Rowland
Lifts Cup for 7th Time

Next look to retain their Stewart title. (27 March) In a tense battle between two known foes, Christos FC took Maryland's oldest competition edging Steel Pulse FC 1:0. Nat Lee scored early and the defense held on to send his side to the USASA Region I qualifier of the Werner Fricker Cup. The Rowland Cup was established in 1914 as the state's open championship. Christos has double duty in the Region as it qualified last week for the Amateur Cup. On Wednesday, Christos will attempt to defend their Stewart Cup title when it takes on Olympiacos DC at Troy Park.

It is not the only final for Christos as they will meet Fighting BOBs-Yinz Legends O30 inn the Maryland Over-30 Cup. Pete Caringi and Jon Ports lead their club in a 2:1 victory over Das Bierhalle FC. The final is on Sunday, noon at Laytonia Recreational Center.

The fourth final featuring Christos will be the Maryland Over-40 Cup. The Baltimore Kickers earned a spot in the championship match defeating Halcones FC 4:3. The final is scheduled for 10 April at Marriotts Ridge High School.

We return to the Morton Cup with the postponed final between Steel Pulse II and Das Bierhalle FC taking

place at Milford Mill Academy on Sunday. Match kicks off at 5:00.

Christos Makes it Seven Straight
10th Overall Stewart Title

Olympiacos extend the holders into penalties. (30 March) In an even match that went back and forth, Christos FC and Olympiacos DC exchanged own goals to finish the Stewart Cup final 1:1 at Troy Park. Olympiacos gave the gift early in the match but received it back in injury time to take it to penalties. Christos made all five of their kicks to earn their seventh straight Stewart Cup title. It is now holding a Maryland double as Sunday the side lifted the Rowland Cup to be both the Amateur and Open champion of the state, advancing to qualifiers to USASA Region I.

The next final on Christos' plate is the Maryland Over-30 Cup where they will meet up against Fighting BOBs-Yinz Legends O30. The match will be Sunday, noon at Laytonia Recreational Center.

We also conclude the Morton Cup on Sunday featuring Steel Pulse II and Das Bierhalle FC at Milford Mill Academy. Match kicks off at 5:00.

Three in a Row
Christos Adds O-30 to 2022 Trophy Case

Das Bierhalle takes Morton title. (4 April) Christos FC is three-quarters on its way to achieving the state quadruple, a feat they have only once accomplished in 2018, after defeating Fighting BOBs/Yinz United Legends 4:2 to lift the Maryland Over-30 Cup. The victory allows Christos to once again represent Maryland and defend its USASA Region I Gerhard Mengel Cup title. The next stop for Christos is the Maryland Over-40 Cup where it will face the Baltimore Kickers at Marriotts Ridge High School on Sunday.

Das Bierhalle FC shut out Steel Pulse FC II 4:0 to be crowned the champions of the Morton Cup. Congratulations to father/son team of Lee & Sean Scarselletta who previously came close to winning this Cup under Academy FC. Das Bierhalle were perfect throughout the tournament, winning all five of its group matches and the two knockout games.

Region I cup play starts on Sunday with Christos hosting West Chester United of Eastern Pennsylvania in a first round Amateur Cup match. It will be played at Western Regional at 5:00.

Christos with the Sweep
Take All Four Major Cup Titles

First side in Maryland history to reach Quadruple. (11 April) Christos FC added another on its record book as it edged the Baltimore Kickers 3:2 to lift the Maryland Over-40 Cup. This gives them their fourth major cup title in the state: Rowland Cup, Stewart Cup, Maryland Over-30 Cup and Maryland Over-40 Cup. It also has them representing Maryland in all four USASA Region I cup qualifiers.

Christos took a 2:0 lead and seemed to be in complete control of winning the final but then the Kickers drew even. Pat Crawford pulled out the victory with his late goal. Christos advance to the Region I qualifiers where it will face Screaming Eagles of Metro DC/Virginia.

Christos took a 2:0 lead and seemed to be in complete control of winning the final but then the Kickers drew even. Pat Crawford pulled out the victory with his late goal. Christos advance to the Region I qualifiers where it will face Screaming Eagles of Metro DC/Virginia.

Christos faced West Chester United of Eastern Pennsylvania in the first round of the Region I Amateur Cup. Not a good afternoon for the Maryland club as it lost 5:2 to be eliminated from the competition. They have another shot against West Chester on 20 April when the two square off in the quarterfinal of the Werner Fricker Cup. It will be at Troy Park, 8:30. 

Looking for results and schedules? It is all here on MSSA Online. Check our archive page for a break down of each cup weekend. You can also follow us on Twitter: @marylandsoccer.




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