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Colombia FC Takes Morton Title

Stewart Final Up Next

Start of Over-30 with Christos & Bays. (18 March) Colombia FC has been a regular entry of the Morton Cup since  its beginning in 2013. A seventh try turned out to be the lucky one as Colombia lifted the trophy for the first time with a 2:0 shutout of the Baltimore Kickers. Andres Gomez calmly put away two goals from the penalty spot while Julian Castiblanco earned the clean sheet in front of the net. Jason Vuniga in central midfield and Julian Gomez at center back controlled the tempo for the Division I champions of the Montgomery County League. Congratulations to manager Jorge Daniels whose side joins FC Reina (twice), Sierra Rangers, Brothers United, Catonsville FC and Starliners FC among the Morton winners. The Morton Cup was established in 2013 as a state cup championship in honor of former MSSA vice president Darwin "Lefty" Morton, who could always be seen on the touch lines of cup and league games throughout Maryland.

This Sunday we play the title match for a competition that has been around much longer, the Stewart Cup. It will be a replay of last year's final as cup holder Christos FC will meet once again Maryland Major league rival Izee Auto FC. The Stewart Cup, Maryland's amateur championship that started in 1932, determines who represents Maryland in the Amateur Cup. The match is set for 11:00 at Laytonia Recreational Park.

The Maryland Over-30 Cup kicks off this Sunday as well with Christos FC taking on the Maryland Bays in the first of two semifinals. It will be played after the Stewart final at 1:00. Colombia FC and the Baltimore Kickers will meet the following weekend in the other semifinal.

The Rowland Cup championship is set for 31 March between Christos and Yinz United. Our Open champion will advance to the Werner Fricker Cup, which was won by Christos last season. 

Our busy cup season is coming near the end. Get caught up with all of the results & schedules at the tabs above. A recap of the season can be found on our Archives page.

Player Registration

Players should use the proper link to register for their team to play in the MSSA Cups. Only for use by players not currently registered with a team. For players whose teams are playing in multiple cups, only register once for one cup. MSSA will multi-roster the player as appropriate. The registration fee is $12 and can be paid online by credit card. Submit a head shot/selfie as the photo. Do not upload driver's license.

O40 Player Registration

Team Registration for 2019 Cup Teams

The Stewart Cup along with the Maryland Over-30 and Maryland Over-40 Cups qualify the Maryland champion for the USASA Region I qualifiers. The Stewart winner will compete for the Amateur Cup for the Fritz Marth Trophy, the O-30 champion will advance to the Gerhard Mengel Cup, the National Over-30 Championship, while the O-40 qualifies for the National Over-40 Cup. The Morton Cup is a state only competition that is open to non-MSSA affiliated teams. 

Morton Cup Registration 30/40 Cup Registration
  1. Academy FC
  2. Baltimore United FC
  3. Christos FC
  4. Columbia FC
  5. Fighting B.O.B.s
  6. Izee Auto FC
  7. JA Raiders
  8. Motorik FC Alexandria
  9. Starliners FC
  10. World Class Premier Elite
  11. Yinz United
  1. Baltimore Kickers
  2. Banfield
  3. Blue Side FC
  4. Colombia FC
  5. DC Flames
  6. Ferro Carril Oeste
  7. Fortitude FC
  8. Old Baltimore Footballers
  9. Steel Pulse FC
  10. The Referees

  1. Baltimore Kickers (O30 & O40)
  2. Christos FC (O30 & O40)
  3. Colombia FC (O30)
  4. Mando Ramos (O40)
  5. Maryland Bays (O30)

The Rowland Cup this season will be a state championship among our three MSSA affiliated leagues. Each league selected the teams that will participate for the competition. The winner will advance to the USASA Region I qualifier for the Werner Fricker Cup, the Amateur Open Championship. Below are the teams selected. 

Maryland Major Soccer League

  1. Christos FC
  2. World Class Premier
  3. Academy FC
  4. Izee Auto FC
  5. JA Raiders FC
  6. Steel Pulse FC
  7. Columbia FC
  8. Baltimore Kickers

Mason-Dixon Soccer League

  1. Blue Side FC

Washington Premier League

  1. Yinz United
  2. Fighting B.O.B.s
  3. Capital City
  4. Starliners FC
  5. Aegean Hawks FC


US Open Cup
1940 - Baltimore SC
Werner Fricker US Open Cup
2005 - Baltimore Colts
2014 - Maryland Bays
US Amateur Cup
1969 - British Lions SC
Gerhard Mengel US Over-30 Cup
2012 - Christos FC O-30
2013 - Christos FC O-30
2014 - Christos FC O-30
US Under-23 Cup
2002 - Baltimore Bays


Upcoming Schedule
  • 24 Mar - Maryland O-30 Cup - Semifinal
  • 24 Mar - Stewart Cup - Final
  • 31 Mar - Maryland O-30 Cup - Semifinal
  • 31 Mar - Rowland Cup - Final
  •   7 Apr - O-30 Cup - Final
  •   7 Apr - Amateur Cup - Region I - First Round
  • 14 Apr - O-40 Cup - Semifinal
  • 14 Apr - Amateur Cup - Region I - Quarterfinals
  • 28 Apr - O-40 Cup - Final

Cup Links


2018 MSSA Cups 



Maryland National Champions 

National Challenge Cup
(US Open Cup)

1940 - Baltimore SC

Werner Fricker Cup
National Amateur Open Champion

2005 - Baltimore Colts
2014 - Maryland Bays
2016 - Christos FC
2018 - Christos FC

US Amateur Cup

1969 - British Lions SC
2016 - Christos FC

Gerhard Mengel Cup
National Over-30 Champion

2012 - Christos FC O-30
2013 - Christos FC O-30
2014 - Christos FC O-30

US Under-23 Cup

2002 - Baltimore Bays






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