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All Stars Lift Morton Cup

Defeat Academy for the Title

Three way tie for Champions League in final round. (17 February) The ninth edition of the Morton Cup came to an end with All Stars United taking honors after edging Academy FC 1:0. Frederick Atta-Wiredu had the game winner while Eduafo Yeboah earned the shutout. Darwin "Lefty" Morton was a former Vice President of the Maryland State Soccer Association who was not only an administrator but coach for many years. Every Sunday he could be found at a soccer pitch watching the local action.

All Stars United

Cup Commissioner Fran McGrath presenting the Morton Cup along with Dennis McGrath to All Stars United.

Only one match in the Maryland Champions League for the Rowland Cup with Marie Bell getting the lone goal for Steel Pulse FC in their 1:0 shutout of Fighting B.O.B.s. After four rounds, Steel Pulse, Christos FC and Yinz United lead the pack with 9 points each. We get into the last round this Sunday at Montgomery Blair High School with Fighting B.O.B.s taking Christos while Yinz will face Steel Pulse.

Plenty of cup action in Maryland and you find it all of it here. Keep up to date with all of the results & schedules on this site and on Twitter @marylandsoccer. Keep track of the entire cup season on our Cup Archives page.


US Open Cup
1940 - Baltimore SC
Werner Fricker US Open Cup
2005 - Baltimore Colts
2014 - Maryland Bays
US Amateur Cup
1969 - British Lions SC
Gerhard Mengel US Over-30 Cup
2012 - Christos FC O-30
2013 - Christos FC O-30
2014 - Christos FC O-30
US Under-23 Cup
2002 - Baltimore Bays


Upcoming Schedule
  • 23 Feb - CL/Rowland Cup Group Play
  •   1 Mar - Stewart Cup Final
  •   1 Mar - CL/Rowland Cup Group Play
  •   8 Mar - CL/Rowland Cup Final
  • 15 Mar - Maryland O-30 Cup Semifinals
  • 22 Mar - Maryland O-30 Cup Final
  • 29 Mar - Maryland O-40 Cup Semifinal
  •   5 Apr - Maryland O-40 Cup Final

Cup Links

2019 MSSA Cups



    Maryland National Champions 

    National Challenge Cup
    (US Open Cup)

    1940 - Baltimore SC

    Werner Fricker Cup
    National Amateur Open Champion

    2005 - Baltimore Colts
    2014 - Maryland Bays 
    2016 - Christos FC      
    2018 - Christos FC      

    US Amateur Cup

    1969 - British Lions SC
    2016 - Christos FC      

    Gerhard Mengel Cup
    National Over-30 Champion

    2012 - Christos FC O-30
    2013 - Christos FC O-30
    2014 - Christos FC O-30
    2019 - Maryland Bays    

    US Under-23 Cup

    2002 - Baltimore Bays   



    Team Registration for 2020 Cup Teams

    The Stewart Cup along with the Maryland Over-30 and Maryland Over-40 Cups qualify the Maryland champion for the USASA Region I qualifiers. The Stewart winner will compete for the Amateur Cup for the Fritz Marth Trophy, the O-30 champion will advance to the Gerhard Mengel Cup, the National Over-30 Championship, while the O-40 qualifies for the National Over-40 Cup. The Morton Cup is a state only competition that is also open to non-MSSA affiliated teams. 

    Morton Cup Registration 30/40 Cup Registration
    1. Aegean Hawks FC (WPL)

    2. AFC Dobes (MMSL)

    3. Christos FC (MMSL)
    4. Izee Auto FC (UPSL)

    5. K Crew (WPL)
    6. LImitless FC (MMSL)

    7. Motorik FC Alexandria (MMSL)

    8. Starliners FC (WPL)
    9. Steel Pulse FC (MMSL)
    10. Yinz United (WPL)
    1. Academy FC (MMSL)
    2. All Stars United (MMSL)
    3. Baltimore Kickers (MMSL)
    4. Blue Side FC (MMSL)
    5. Colombia FC (MMSL)
    6. Columbia FC (MMSL)
    7. DC Flames (Other)
    8. JA Raiders FC (MMSL)
    9. The Difference FC (MDSL)
    10. The Referees (Other)


    1. Baltimore Kickers
    2. Christos FC Bays
    3. Colombia FC 
    4. Fighting Bobs/Yinz Legends Over 30's


    1. Baltimore Kickers
    2. Christos FC
    3. Colombia FC 

    The Rowland Cup this season will be played as the Maryland Champions League. The top teams from the Maryland Major Soccer League and the Washington Premier League will compete to qualify as the state entry to the Werner Fricker Cup, the Amateur Open Championship. Below are the teams selected. 

    Maryland Major Soccer League

    1. Academy FC
    2. Christos FC
    3. Steel Pulse FC
    4. World Class Premier (withdrew)

    Washington Premier League

    1. Brainstorm FC (withdrew)
    2. Capital City
    3. Fighting B.O.B.s
    4. Yinz United

    Player Registration

    Players should use the proper link to register for their team to play in the MSSA Cups. Only for use by players not currently registered with a team. For players whose teams are playing in multiple cups, only register once for one cup. MSSA will multi-roster the player as appropriate. The registration fee is $12 and can be paid online by credit card. Submit a head shot/selfie as the photo. Do not upload driver's license.

    O40 Player Registration




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