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Three Finals Done - Two to Go

2021 Cup Season Coming to a Close

Maryland Over-40 trophy next piece of hardware to give out. (12 April) We completed three of our finals this past week with two new champions making the Maryland record books. We have one more to play this week with the Maryland Over-40 Cup and the last final at the end of the month for the Stewart Cup. A few of our teams took part Region I qualifiers and a few more will play this weekend. 

The Maryland Over-30 Cup kicked off our group of finals as Christos FC returned as champions after three years with a 4:0 defeat of Fighting BOBs/Yinz Legends O30. Joe Mangione's 22nd minute goal turned out to be the game winneras Jon Ports, Cesar Ramos and Matteo Vertucci guaranteed the trophy with second half goals. This made it the 8th time Christos lifted the Maryland Over-30 Cup.

Sunday featured a final doubleheader at Marriotts Ridge High School in what turned out to be two entertaining conclusions. The Morton Cup field consisted of the eight teams that were eliminated in the first round of the Rowland Cup. Three rounds of group play, two semifinals, the remaining two sides were Dream Team FC and Frederick Spires FC. The Spires jumped took the lead before the half and doubled it in the second. Dream Team made an inspiring comeback, tying it before putting away the game winner with less than 5 minutes in the match. This was the 9th edition of the Morton Cup, named after Darwin "Lefty" Morton, with Dream Team becoming the 8th champion.

The Rowland Cup is familiar territory for Christos FC who first lifted the trophy in 2000. It is Maryland's Open Championship and one of the oldest running competitions in the country, first established in 1914. In a tough battle between Christos and Columbia FC where neither side was giving an inch, Jamie Merriam gave Christos the lead right before the half from an assist from Jake Bender. A penalty call in the 65th surely would have guaranteed Christos their 7th Rowland title but keeper Johnny Paletar came up with a big save. Ten minutes later, Jeremy Shugars put in a thundering header from a corner kick from Taylor Gray to draw it even. The match went into penalty rounds with Columbia starting off and making good on all five of their kicks to become Maryland's newest Rowland Cup champion. Both teams will enter the USASA Region I qualifiers of the Werner Fricker Cup with Columbia hosting Clifton Elite of New Jersey at Western Regional at 4:00 Sunday. Christos heads out to Warminster, Pennsylvania to meet their NESL foe Vereinigung Erzgebirge.

Next in line is the Maryland Over-40 Cup final between Christos and the Baltimore Kickers at Marriotts Ridge High School Wednesday evening, 7:45. Both will play in the Region qualifiers for the National Over-40 Cup in what turn out to be a Mason-Dixon derby against Eastern Pennsylvania foes. The Kickers travel Sunday to Fort Washington, Pennsyvania to face West Chester United. Christos will host Vereinigung Erzgebirge at Western Regional at 2:00.

Along with several Region I qualifiers, we conclude our Maryland season with the Stewart Cup on 25 April. Christos and All Star United will battle it out for Maryland's Amateur Championship.

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US Open Cup
1940 - Baltimore SC
Werner Fricker US Open Cup
2005 - Baltimore Colts
2014 - Maryland Bays
US Amateur Cup
1969 - British Lions SC
Gerhard Mengel US Over-30 Cup
2012 - Christos FC O-30
2013 - Christos FC O-30
2014 - Christos FC O-30
US Under-23 Cup
2002 - Baltimore Bays


Upcoming Schedule

  • 18 Apr - Region I Werner Fricker Cup - 1st Round
  • 18 Apr - Region I O-40 Cup - 1st Round
  • 25 Apr - Stewart Cup Final
  • 25 Apr - Region I Gerhard Mengel Cup - QF

Cup Links

2020 MSSA Cups



    Maryland National Champions 

    National Challenge Cup
    (US Open Cup)

    1940 - Baltimore SC

    Werner Fricker Cup
    National Amateur Open Champion

    2005 - Baltimore Colts
    2014 - Maryland Bays 
    2016 - Christos FC      
    2018 - Christos FC      

    US Amateur Cup

    1969 - British Lions SC
    2016 - Christos FC      

    Gerhard Mengel Cup
    National Over-30 Champion

    2012 - Christos FC O-30
    2013 - Christos FC O-30
    2014 - Christos FC O-30
    2019 - Maryland Bays    

    US Under-23 Cup

    2002 - Baltimore Bays   



    Player Registration

    Players should use the proper link to register for their team to play in the MSSA Cups. Only for use by players not currently registered with a team. For players whose teams are playing in multiple cups, only register once for one cup. MSSA will multi-roster the player as appropriate. The registration fee is $12 and can be paid online by credit card. Submit a head shot/selfie as the photo. Do not upload driver's license.

    O40 Player Registration

    Team Registration for 2021 Cup Teams

    The Maryland Cups qualify teams to take place as the Maryland champion for the USASA Region I qualifiers. The Stewart Cup winner will compete for the Amateur Cup for the Fritz Marth Trophy. The winner of the Rowland Cup enters into the Werner Fricker Cup. In the O-30 Cup, the champion advances to the Gerhard Mengel Cup, the National Over-30 Championship, while the O-40 qualifies for the National Over-40 Cup. The Morton Cup is a state only competition that is also open to non-MSSA affiliated teams. 

    Morton Cup Registration
    1. All Stars United

    2. Baltimore Kickers

    3. Christos FC
    4. Colombia FC
    5. Columbia FC
    6. Columbia FC 2
    7. DC Flames
    8. Deportivo Club de Districtonia
    9. Dream Team FC

    10. Frederick Spires FC
    11. JA Raiders
    12. Maryland International Athletic FC
    13. Motorik FC Alexandria

    14. Steel Pulse FC
    15. TrendSetters FC
    16. Yinz United
    1. All Stars United
    2. Baltimore Kickers
    3. Capital City FC
    4. Christos FC
    5. Colombia FC
    6. Columbia FC
    7. JA Raiders
    8. Maryland International Athletic FC
    9. Motorik FC Alexandria
    10. Steel Pulse FC
    11. Yinz United

    1. Columbia FC 2
    2. DC Flames
    3. Deportivo Club de Districtonia
    4. Dream Team FC
    5. Frederick Spires FC
    6. JA Raiders
    7. Motorik FC Alexandria
    8. TrendSetters FC

    Teams eliminated from
    the first round of the
    Rowland Cup made up the
    field for the Morton Cup.

    30/40 Cup Registration

    Maryland Over-30 Cup

    1. Baltimore Kickers
    2. Christos FC
    3. Colombia FC
    4. Fighting Bobs/Yinz Legends Over 30's
    5. Maryland United

    Maryland Over-40 Cup

    1. Baltimore Kickers
    2. Christos FC
    3. Colombia FC 




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