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US Adult Soccer Risk Management Program

The US Adult Soccer Risk Management Program assists all of our members in reducing out-of-pocket financial risk involved in the game.  The comprehensive plan provides protection for every player, team and league and is one of the benefits of membership with the Maryland State Soccer Association.  US Adult Soccer purchases the insurance coverage on behalf of its member players, teams and leagues of its state and national organizations for protection in the event of claims arising out of activities organized by its members.  The insurance is part of the player registration fee that is paid annually.

The participant accident risk policy covers each registered player resulting from accident injury while playing for the team during sanctioned amateur soccer activities in scheduled league games, US Adult Soccer sanctioned tournaments & official practice sessions of the team.  The policy is a secondary coverage that helps defray costs for medical and dental expenses, which for the most part is to assist for payments not covered by a primary policy.  If an injured member does not have primary coverage, the policy is applicable up to its coverage limits.  The maximum accident medical benefit is $5,000.  The deductible is $400 of eligible expenses.  Some expenses are limited per category.  The coverage is a reimbursement to the injured players.  The player is responsible for payments of services.  The insurance does not pay directly to any medical provider.

The general liability coverage policy protects members in the event that a claim or legal suit is brought against them for incidents involving bodily injury or property damage resulting from an amateur soccer activity.  It applies not only to the league but also each team.  The aggregate limit is $3,000,000 while the personal & advertising injury limit is $2,000,000.  In addition to the league and teams, the insurance can be extended to an additional insured such as local government & park authorities, which assists our members in acquiring permits for field rentals.

The Directors & Officers Liability Insurance protects our member leagues against claims arising from the negligent acts, errors or omissions allegedly committed by a director or officer of the organization while acting within official capacity.  It is available to all affiliated leagues of the Maryland State Soccer Association at no cost.

These high limit policies provide excellent protection and value to all of our members that other organizations do not provide.





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