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The Mason-Dixon Soccer League conducts two seasons, the fall and spring. The Mason-Dixon Cup is awarded to the team with the best record during the fall season while the winner of the fall playoff lifts the Robert C. Sleighter, Jr. "Slick" Cup. The playoff winner at the end of the spring becomes the Spring League Champion.

Spring Regular
Season Champion
Playoff Champion
Year Mason-Dixon Cup Robert C. Sleighter, Jr.
"Slick" Cup
Dale FC 2021
Not Played (Covid-19)
Not Played
2020 West Virginia FC
West Virginia FC
AFC Inter Frederick City FC 2019 The Difference AFC Inter
Blue Side FC Blue Side FC 2018 Blue Side FC Blue Side FC
Frederick Berserkers Frederick Berserkers 2017 Frederick Berserkers Shepherdstown FC
AFC Inter Shepherdstown MB 2016 AFC Inter Shepherdstown MB
AFC Inter Frederick Berserkers 2015 Frederick Berserkers
Frederick Berserkers
Internationals Martinsburg FC 2014 Frederick City FC
Zeno FC
FC Shepherdstown FC Reina 2013 FC Shepherdstown AFC Inter
FC Shepherdstown FC Shepherdstown 2012 FC Shepherdstown FC Shepherdstown
Bushwaller's FC 2011 Frederick City FC Chambersburg Wings
Bushwaller's FC 2010 Bushwaller's FC Bushwaller's FC
Bushwaller's FC 2009 DMV United Bushwaller's FC
Fredericktown United 2008 AFC Inter Fredericktown United
2007 Fredericktown United Fredericktown United
2006 Fredericktown United Fredericktown United
FC Shepherdstown Assault 2005 Fredericktown United Bushwaller's FC
Bramati 2004 Bushwaller's FC Bushwaller's FC
2003 Bushwaller's FC Fredericktown United
2002 Williamsport SC Bushwaller's FC
2001 Bushwaller's FC Waynesboro SC
2000 Williamsport SC Bushwaller's FC
1999 Bushwaller's FC Bushwaller's FC
1998 Chambersburg Wings Bushwaller's FC
1997 Middletown Waynesboro
1996 Chambersburg Wings Middletown
1995 Chambersburg Wings Johansson's
1994 Walkersville SC Westminster Wolves
1993 Mercersburg Chambersburg Wings
1992 Mercersburg Chambersburg Wings
1991 Walkersville SC Walkersville SC
1990 Chambersburg Wings Middletown
1989 Williamsport Chambersburg Wings
1988 Chambersburg Wings McConnellsburg
1987 McConnellsburg Walkersville SC
1986 McConnellsburg McConnellsburg
1985 Williamsport Walkersville SC
1984 Chambersburg Wings Williamsport
1983 Chambersburg Wings Chambersburg Wings
1982 Chambersburg Wings Chambersburg Wings
1981 Walkersville SC St. Thomas
1980 Walkersville SC St. Thomas
1979 Chambersburg Wings Chambersburg Wings
1978 Chambersburg Wings Chambersburg Wings
1977 Chambersburg Wings St. Thomas
1976 Chambersburg Wings Middletown
1975 Williamsport
1974 Middletown
1973 Williamsport




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