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Spring 2021 Season

Season kicks off 28 March


  • Oakdale HS Practice Field


  • AFC Inter
  • Classic Crew FC
  • Dale FC
  • 'Merica FC
  • San Antonio Frederick
  • West Virginia FC


  • League Fee: $450
  • Player Registration Fee: $15
  • League Bond: $180
  • Red Card Fine: $25
  • Referee Fees: $90/game per team (paid at field)


  • All teams must register a minimum of 16 players
  • Players will register individually online & must complete all required data including digital photo (head shot/selfie)
  • Only those players who complete registration will be permitted to play

Player Requirements

  • Each player must be registered and appear on team roster with photo
  • All players must wear shin guards
  • No jewelry may be worn

Team Requirements

  • Team will wear jerseys of like fabric and color with unique numbers on the back
  • Same color shorts and socks are recommended
  • Teams must field a minimum of seven players at the start of the match

Cancellation of Matches

  • If a team is unable to play on a scheduled match date, the team manager must contact the League Registrar by e-mail or by telephone (240.401.2760) no later than Thursday night, 10:00 PM, prior to the scheduled Sunday match.
  • If a team fails to inform the League Registrar that they will forfeit a match, whereby the opponent and referees appear at the field, the forfeiting team will be responsible for the referee fees of $180, which will be taken from their bond. The team will not be able to continue the season until the bond has been replenished.
  • For a match that results in a forfeit on the field due to one team not having the minimum number of players to start the match, do NOT pay the referees. Payment will be arranged by MDSL for the referees. 


  • All United States Amateur Soccer Association (USASA) sanctioned matches must be officiated by the three man system (center referee plus two assistant referees). The referee fee is $180 per match.
  • Each team is responsible for one-half of the fee, $90 per team per match. The fee is paid to the referee in CASH. The fee is divided $80 for the referee and $50 for each assistant referee. If a club linesman is recruited to assist, then that person shall receive $50 if USSF certified or $30 if not USSF certified.
  • Matches should not be played without a full complement of officials. Team managers and referees who agree to play the match using the two man system will be held personally liable for accidents or injuries incurred during the match (the insurance policy is void for matches officiated by the two man system).

Match Particulars

  • Matches shall consist of two 45 minute halves with a 5 minute half time period. Regular season matches shall end as a draw if tied after regulation play.
  • Referees will start the game clock promptly as scheduled. Teams will have a 15 minute grace period in which to field the mandatory minimum number of players.
  • For playoffs, should the match be tied at the end of regulation play, penalty kicks will be taken to conclude the match.
  • Substitutions
    • Substitutions may occurs on throw ins (possession), corner kicks (possession), goal kicks (either team), kick offs (either team) or injury (either team; one for one).
    • On substitutions for goal kicks, corner kicks and throw ins, players must be ready at midfield before stoppage of play to be allowed to substitute.
    • On substitutions for throw ins and corner kicks, if both teams have players at midfield and the team with possession substitutes, players from the team without possession may also substitute.

Cautioning/Ejection of Players

  • Players receiving two Yellow Cards during a match will automatically receive a Red Card.
  • Players receiving Red Cards are fined $25 and are suspended for a minimum of one match. The League Registrar reserves the authority to impose additional match suspensions required to uphold the integrity of the game.

Match Results

  • Team managers are responsible for texting their match result to 240.401.2760.




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