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The local authorities gradually are allowing teams to get back to the pitch. We strongly urge teams & players to follow all protocols set by the local authorities. This is not only for your safety but to ensure that we will have access to the fields for future use. Always err on the side of caution & safety matters. If you are not feeling well, stay home, do not jeopardize your teammates. Do not share personal equipment or belongings. The cautions concerning personal hygiene should be well drilled in your heads, no need to repeat but follow them. We want to make sure that when you get back to playing, it will be for a long time. See the Return to Play Guideline for more information.

Two host bids for the 2026 World Cup in Maryland

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2020 Fall Season - Our leagues are back on the pitch for their fall seasons after the long break of not playing last spring. We ask all players and team officials to review the Return to Play Guideline posted above. To keep an eye on league play, go to Our Leagues page on our site.

2020 MSSA Cup Season - Unfortunately, the cup season came to a halt due to the COVID-19 shutdown. We were able to complete the Rowland & Stewart Cups won by Christos FC. All Stars United lifted the Morton Cup. The Maryland Over-30 & Over-40 Cups were not played. We look forward to resuming to normal for the next season. Information for the 2021 Cup Season to be posted soon. To check out the past results, go to our Cups page. Follow us on Twitter @marylandsoccer.

Maryland Champions League for the Rowland Cup - After finishing first in the standings with 12 points, Christos FC followed through with a 5:0 shutout of fellow Maryland Major rival Steel Pulse FC. The victory not only earned it the Rowland Cup but the Maryland Champions League winner qualifies for USASA Region I Werner Fricker Cup (Amateur Open Championship). This competition had teams from the Maryland Major Soccer League & the Washington Premier League battle in league and cross-league matches to determine Maryland's oldest championship. Go to our Maryland Champions League page for more details.

Spring 2020 Season - The spring seasons never came about as none of our leagues were able to conduct their spring seasons due to the COVID-19 shut down.

Fall 2019 Season - Yinz United finished the regular season with the best record to take the Washington Premier League fall title. Starliners FC shutout Yinz 2:0 to lift the Helge Boes Cup.

Steel Pulse FC took the Maryland Major 1st Division Fall 19 title with a 4:3 victory over Christos FC. In the 2nd Division, AFC Dobes edged out the Baltimore Kickers 1:0 to win the Division and promotion to the 1st next spring. 

AFC Inter defeated Frederick City FC 6:1 to take the Mason-Dixon Slick Cup and the playoff championship. The Difference won the Mason-Dixon Soccer League regular season with 8 wins and a draw. 

For the latest in results & schedules, head out to Our Leagues page. 

Tournaments - Membership means being able to play in any MSSA or USASA sanctioned tournament. If you are registered with one of our MSSA leagues, you are set to go. If you are not registered through one of our MSSA leagues, then you can get a tournament pass . For those looking to register for a tournament or for information about affiliated tournaments, go to our Tournaments page.

Welcome Message from our President

We like to welcome you to the official site of the Maryland State Soccer Association.  This site not only serves our members but also becomes a source of information for all fans of soccer in Maryland and around the world.  We encourage you to visit often and check this site for the latest in results, standings, schedule changes and events in and around Maryland. 

I am often asked Why affiliate with Maryland soccer?  Our members are part of the US Soccer family with players, teams and leagues registered through US Adult Soccer, the adult amateur component of the US Soccer Federation.  We provide cup competitions for our teams, some of which qualify to play at the regional and national stage.  Teams also have the opportunity to enter tournaments held by US Adult Soccer and its member organizations.  The league matches played through our members are officiated by referees trained and certified through US Soccer.  Each member falls under the US Adult Soccer Risk Management Insurance Program, which provides protection on behalf of players, teams and leagues, including an accident injury policy to help defray costs for medical and dental expenses incurred during sanctioned amateur soccer games and liability insurance for teams and leagues.  Our members get a lot more than just playing the game.

We also encourage you to check our pages often to keep up on events, competitions and leagues throughout the state.  We will try our best to get out the latest information on soccer in Maryland.  Thanks for visiting us and please return.  If you need more information, are interested in joining or just want to chat about soccer, send us a message.  No matter what your age, don’t stop playing because here in Maryland we are Still Getting Our Kicks.

Anthony F. Falcone




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